Shorts: nonFiction

#WeAreInternational at Sheffield SU

Sheffield SU is proud to support such a diverse and international membership, and the friendships formed between students from all backgrounds is such an integral part to University life. The #WeAreInternational campaign celebrates the special bonds students develop regardless of their different cultures and nationalities, and highlights how great friendships have no borders.

Credits: Director, Co-Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Special thanks to
Santhana Gopalakrishnan (International Students' Officer 17/18) and Sheffield Students' Union

Portrait of a Workshop

Portrait of a Workshop is a short film documenting the creative process of Sheffield silversmith Brett Payne. Through brief glimpses of an ordinary day in his workshop - from the meticulous hammering of each piece in progress, to a well-deserved cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon - the story emerges in the everyday little details.

Credits: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Special thanks to
Brett Payne and his studio


A letter to my future self, at the beginning of the year. I had no idea what the future would hold when I made this stop motion, but looking back I think I did my past self proud.

Credits: Director, Writer, Editor

Next Steps

If given the chance, what advice would you give to your sixteen-year-old self? Next Steps is a visual interpretation of one such letter, addressing a generation of young women as they journey through and come to the end of their time in further education.

Credits: Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
Special thanks to
Sheffield Girls School GDST

Shorts: Narrative


The Arrangement

Two men, one deal. Sounds simple enough...right? Well, unless the boss says otherwise. After all, three can keep a secret...

Credits: Assistant Director, Writer, Co-Producer, Editor