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Vote100 and Rosa May Billinghurst
8th February 2018

Social change requires diversity. It means intentionally including people who are different from the mainstream, dominant perspective. In the case of women’s rights, it means including women from every background, orientation, race, culture, class and ability.

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Living in the White Spaces: A Note on (in)Equality
8th January 2018

But at the same time, there is a huge part of me that still feels incredibly disappointed. Disappointed that the mission du jour in popular culture, which wants to fight against inequality and address a lack of diversity, has failed as a whole, as it has time and time again, to include people like me.

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'It's A Fight To Tread Water Every Day': Surviving To Thriving With a Disability
12th May 2017

Considering disability holistically, as both the physical and mental effects of a condition, and making sure the right support is available, can help people to not only cope with the physical impact of their conditions, but to also be able to thrive and live life to the fullest.

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The Paralympics Did Inspire Me But Not In The Way You Might Think
2nd October 2016

But for me, as a person with a disability I've had since birth, having the opportunity to watch the Paralympics means so much more to me than just being an "inspiration" in the most sentimental of senses.

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The Mental Health of Young Disabled People Should Not Be Ignored
22nd March 2016

Looking back, it strikes me as a little odd that we could openly discuss things like fertility and other physical issues which seemingly had priority. And yet we never really touched on another significant topic - mental health issues, and the impact they can have on people with physical disabilities.

Guest edited by HRH Duchess of Cambridge for ‘Young Minds Matter’ series
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Why I Will Always Have a Problem With Disability in Film: My Case Against ‘Me Before You’
5th February 2016

Support disabled people working hard to be visible and to be positively portrayed in the industry — because we do exist, and we want equality.

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